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Sporadic stuff in case it doesn't end up as textual descriptions on Twitter.

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deviation in storage by TheEscape5657
...Yeah, why are these rotating interests still out of control?
Hello, people.

As (someone convinced he's) a so-called "fugitive" of society, I can't really say much here. There has gotta be better things to mention other than "You must comment if you get a MikuMikuDance model" especially if you're too shy. (What is with that...?)

I'm pretty sure I joined dA partially because there were two people also on this site: First of all, there's a former YTP-mashup creator named Deven247, who I was inspired by while making my own video mashups at the time. Deven247 made a picture tribute to one of my mashups, years before I joined dA.
Danny and Haruhi at the arcade by Deven247 :icondeven247:
I was planning to make an MMD-remake of this lately, but events started to crash in all at once.

Second, my younger sister was already on dA as lovesichigos. In 2010-2011, due to my rotating interests, she ended up illustrating images of two particular characters due to their significance at the time.
Mio - Ahhhh... by lovesichigos How About a Wink by lovesichigos :iconlovesichigos:

I figured as soon as I joined, I figured I would choose to only put Minecraft sprite art; also, I liked Bubble Bobble at one point or another. Although this isn't about me, I'm gonna feature the first sprite art of Bub (Bubblun) as well as its later remake.
Bub (Bubblun) in Minecraft by superslinger2007 Bub and Bob redone in Minecraft (Bubble Symphony) by superslinger2007

(What is there...?)
Well, there is actually a whole lot of impressive papercraft on dA as well, and I actually like building papercrafts. There is some impressive Portal papercraft by billybob884, including this very well-done GLaDOS one.
GLaDOS Assembled w. cores by billybob884 :iconbillybob884:

And even before I began my "fatal decision" propaganda on social media, I started going on favouring sprees in regards to certain characters voiced by the same people, especially if I saw their shows or they witnessed my identity get COMPROMISED. General consensus here is the random rotating favourites over these years stood out to me at the time.
Minami Iwasaki + Yuki Nagato by edekock :iconedekock:
by edekock
This was one of the (I think) few crossover images to depict these two together at the time (you know, before CODE RED OCT 25 2010 and finale chapter 5 "+involvement rescue"...) because they're both voiced by said person who saw me getting COMPROMISED. [implied Op/Res spoilers REDACTED]

Speaking of YTP mashups, MysteryEzekude used to always enjoy them; lately, he's released a Flash game called Comfort. I haven't yet tried it myself, though. I have seen the other concept imagery and the game does sound interesting...
Comfort Endless Struggle - Mode Screenshot Moc by MysteryEzekude :iconmysteryezekude:

As I recall, one of the first MikuMikuDance models I found was, well... this one by cristle1235. You cannot expect a reluctant/hesitant "fugitive" (like me) to have to...
rena ryuugu V3 Pack Release :D by cristle1235 :iconcristle1235:

(bright flash in the sky*)
Delivery for a D Vader. Where'd ya want it? by ratofthelab :iconratofthelab:
Humourous image by ratofthelab; I had gotten that Death Star toy prop around the time I found it...

Now that I'm out of ideas again, I gotta get back to figuring out how I'm gonna work on Opposition/Resurrection episode 4... if I'm not procrastinating over SpaceChem or favouring pictures with important winking characters; as stated elsewhere, "I like to believe that when a character winks, she becomes important in some form or another."
And so, I'll see you when I see you; thanks again, people.

*A running gag regarding Higurashi no Naku Koro ni characters is that they may cause the Death Star to appear in orbit.
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Jack Y.
NOTICE: Too reluctant to be coerced into being "forced to comment" all the time.

Reformed "fugitive of society" with renegade Vader-lookalike Internet persona. Creator of video crossover mashup series including CODE RED (and the written adaptation) and Opposition/Resurrection.

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